Anti-Slip Stair Products

Stairway Safety

Scotgrip® Safegrip® SSN & SST Ultra HD Anti-slip Stair Products

Heavy duty anti-slip stair nosing and tiles

The original heavy duty Scotgrip® Safegrip® SSN & SST Ultra HD stair products incorporate the unique Scotgrip® high-traction anti-slip safety surface which gives a sound foot-holding, even in the most extreme conditions. These tough and durable products are manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality controlled conditions comprising of a reinforced composite base and a graded aggregate surface.

As a Scotgrip® quality standard, these products are fire rated, spark and friction tested.

The leading edge of a step is the most dangerous part, especially if it has been damaged, worn smooth or rounded by constant use. By installing Scotgrip® Safegrip® SSN HD ultra stair products not only is this slip hazard eliminated but the lifespan of the step is greatly increased. These heavy duty products are easily fitted onto open grating/grille, chequered plate/flat steel, concrete or wood.

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Safegrip® SSN Ultra HD
Improve safety and eliminate ‘slips and trips’ on stairways with Scotgrip® Safegrip® Ultra HD Anti-slip Stair Products

Scotgrip® Safegrip® SSN & SST Ultra HD Anti-slip Stair Products

  • Eliminates ‘Slips and trips’
  • Cost effective
  • High traction anti-slip safety products
  • Tough and durable
  • Standard sizes and custom made
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Fire rated, spark and friction tested
  • Non corrosive
  • Easy to fit over existing steps
  • Reflects positively on personnel performance