Anti-Slip Gangway Treads

Gangway Safety

Scotgrip® HD Anti-Slip Gangway Treads

Heavy duty anti-slip tile for use on gangways

Scotgrip® HD Gangway Treads incorporate the unique Scotgrip® high-traction anti-slip safety surface which gives a sound foot-holding in the most extreme conditions. These tough and durable products are manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality controlled conditions comprising of a reinforced composite base and a graded aggregate surface.

Marine gangways are renowned for being extremely dangerous, especially when the angle of the gangway is steep and the surface is wet/oily or both. Some gangways have metal or wooden spars across the walking surface which can be a trip hazard in itself. By installing Scotgrip® HD Gangway treads not only is this slip hazard eliminated but the lifespan of the underlying material is greatly increased. Scotgrip® HD Gangway treads have been designed in 3 different styles (stepped tread, bar tread and elliptical tread) to suit your individual location. These heavy duty safety products are easily fitted onto open grating/grille, flat steel/chequered plate or wood.

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Anti-Slip Gangway Treads

Improve safety and eliminate ‘slips and trips’ on gangways with Scotgrip® HD Anti-Slip Gangway Treads

Scotgrip® HD Anti-Slip Gangway Treads

  • Eliminates ‘Slips and Trips’
  • Cost effective
  • High traction anti-slip safety products
  • Tough and durable
  • Standard sizesand custom made
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Fire rated, spark and friction tested
  • Non corrosive
  • Easy to fit over existing gangways
  • Reflects positively on personnel performance