“Investment in our people and equipment has proved key to our development.

Today we’re joined by Managing Director Ralph Prise, as he takes us behind the scenes of some recent product innovations and how SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL combines knowledge, expertise and innovative thinking to help our clients deliver safer outcomes.

He also highlights the importance of keeping sustainability a core focus across the business and SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL’s increasing product range.

Q: As we already know, SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL has shown its commitment to their CSR responsibilities in many ways, including achieving independent Carbon Neutral accreditation. Could you please tell us a bit more about the ongoing initiatives that SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL has in place to reduce their Carbon offset and improve sustainability of products?

RP: In line with our sustainability value, we currently have over 60% of our product range made from 16% fully circular raw materials, which form part of our own circular economy and sustainable product offering. SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL is continuously looking to improve on our environmental responsibilities, not only in our daily activities, but also for the long term too. We aim to have all of our products made from at least 16% fully circular raw material by the end of 2022.

We have a number of environmental initiatives which are currently ongoing, including a fully circular economy, a zero-waste target within our waste management strategy and various others. This ensures that the SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL values are held within the highest integrity throughout the entire supply chain.

Q: SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL has shown to not only value sustainability, but also innovation. With the release of two new safety products;Drainmat® Modular Flooring andBrowmate® Gangway Treads, SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL has proved its ambition to constantly innovate and to add increased value to their clients. Can you please talk us through the innovation process at SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL?

RP: We value our staff and clients' opinions and ideas when it comes to innovation, which is why we encourage, welcome and involve our employees and customers during the R & D process on new products.

New products and innovations start with initial focus on being fully circular and sustainable where possible in our target sectors which include energy, renewables, maritime, construction, mining, petrochemical, food & drink and manufacturing & industrial. Once a product has been produced, we offer field tests and trials to gain vital feedback and acceptance from clients. We believe this adds value to not only ourselves, but also to clients.

As you have already mentioned, recent examples of our anti-slip safety products that follow this innovation process at SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL include our new products, Drainmat® Modular Flooring and Browmate® Gangway Treads, which were both created to meet the needs of our clients and develop sustainable solutions based on industry demands.

Q: Finally, one of the key values that SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL holds in high regard, is their people. Please tell us more about your history, how you have expanded in the last 30 years and where you see the company in the future.

RP: SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL started over 30 years ago offering only one product, which was custom made to sizes requested from clients. We now offer more than 20 safety products in our range, using modern, high-tech equipment and processes for their design and manufacture.

Investment in our people and equipment has proved key to our development throughout the years. We value the importance of our people and believe it is vital to upskill the next generation in our business by sharing our skills and expertise. We were proud to welcome 2 recent trainees - Ryan and Morgan - into the business last year as part of the Kickstart scheme and we look forward to seeing their continued development.


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