SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL joins Marine Safety Forum

SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL - the industrial safety and anti-slip flooring specialist - is delighted to announce they have become members of Marine Safety Forum.

The Marine Safety Forum is a non-profit organisation that actively promotes safety in the marine sector of the oil and gas industry. In addition, Marine Safety Forum covers the wider marine sectors including: shipping, renewables, cargo, passenger and fishing.

Mark Prise, Operations Director said: “SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL is proud to align with Marine Safety Forum. The membership allows us to be part of an open forum including service users and providers; where we can share information about safety and good practice plus be made aware of any safety concerns, across the marine sector, that need to be mitigated, in order to reduce risk. Marine Safety Forum was a natural choice for us, coming on the back of our decision to become members of Step Change in Safety.”

We look forward to sharing knowledge and experiences with Marine Safety Forum, and other members, to increase the importance of unified safety standards across the marine sector.

Marine Safety Forum logo


To find out more about Marine Safety Forum, visit their website or follow them across Facebook, YouTube,Twitter or LinkedIn.