“Preventing unnecessary waste at source is not only a responsible measure for our company; it is also the correct course of action for our staff, our clients and our community.”

Professor George Yule, Chairman of SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL, shares why sustainability is such an integral part of our company’s DNA and what we are doing to continually invest efforts into improving sustainability performance.

George tells us more: “The focus on climate control and prevention of unnecessary damage to the environment is a priority agenda item for all responsible businesses worldwide, and also for the planet’s population generally. Whilst there are limitations on the extent of impacts that SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL can offer on its own; we nevertheless take this important matter very seriously as a company and are committed to “doing our bit for the planet!”

“There is no question that continued, unnecessary, pollution and harmful emissions into the environment are leading to a build-up of problems across the world and creating an unwanted legacy for future generations to deal with. So, by focussing our energies NOW, into preventing waste at source, we can demonstrate responsible management of our business to our clients and emphasise SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL’s ‘Green Credentials’; because the requirement for corporate compliance and mitigating unnecessary waste and emissions will increase in the future. We have already seen greater scrutiny in commercial pre-qualifications, RFQ’s and contract tender documents on Environmental Policy, and this will continue as time moves forward.”

“At SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL, we engaged an independent accreditation body to visit our facilities; study and understand our manufacturing processes; analyse our raw materials and assess our own supply chain and daily business activities – we were delighted when this resulted in the recent award our “Carbon Neutral” accreditation. Preventing unnecessary waste at source is not only a responsible measure for our company; it is also the correct course of action for our staff, our clients and our community. The extent of our decarbonisation initiatives has to be balanced with meeting the demands from clients across all our industry sectors – and also the limitations of its practical achievement from a technical and commercial viewpoint – but the intent is instilled in our company’s values, ethics and ‘DNA’.”

“It is not enough for the giants of industry to develop and implement their own ‘Green Credentials’ and they require their supply chain companies to contribute to the overall aims and environmental targets too. At SCOTGRIP INTERNATIONAL ®, we see this as a ‘must-do’ step-change for responsible organisations to implement, hence our pro-activeness in this important matter.”

Carbon Neutral


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