About Us

Scotgrip International Ltd manufacture heavy duty anti-slip safety products and surface protection mats at our base HQ in Banchory, Scotland.

Established in 1991, we have built upon our strong reputation of making safe, high quality, innovative and durable products which enhance the safety of personnel and protect primary surfaces in the workplace.

Innovation continues to play a major role at Scotgrip with regular additions to our product range.

On the Services side of our business, we offer 3D Laser Scan Surveys using highly accurate equipment. Surveys are performed by our qualified Surveyors globally with minimal disruption to operations at the worksite.

Scotgrip is driven by Safety, Quality, Innovation, Durability and Sustainability while ensuring our Environmental Impact is kept to a minimum. Working closely with our key suppliers of raw materials we are on a path towards a Circular Economy.

We are a Carbon Neutral accredited company by Carbon-Zero UK.

‘Step into a Safer Environment with Scotgrip’